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NEW AND UNIQUE OUR DC40 (scalable to 80kW) CHARGER

WOW, have you seen our latest innovation? We have, as from May 2024, a small and compact DC charger available which can be installed against a wall or as stand alone unit! Did you know most vehicles can only charge 40kW? So this is the perfect solution for your business! Small and affordable! PRE-ORDER NOW your charger

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For your business

AC-chargers from 11kW to 22kW: for people who stay a few hours at the office

Scalable DC-Chargers from 40kW to 240kW: solutions where every minute counts

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For your Home

AC-chargers from portable 3,5kW to full option 22kW, we got you covered

Learn more about our AC solutions  Or, shop now! But you can also request a quote for a charger and installation

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